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Walking to Freedom

Human Trafficking...heavy topic I know, but ignorance will not help make go away.

Human trafficking stat of 40.3 million trafficked


We have joined thousand who are working towards a world without trafficking and human slavery. The task is big, reinforcements are needed.

Human trafficking is a 150 billon criminal business


At For Dignity we are tackling it by getting behind those on the ground, those doing the cold face work, walking into areas where women and men are affected by trafficking and slavery. From the other side of the world we do our best to take their hand and help  them do their work to see other walk through to freedom.

One such group is Eden Ministries. They are on the ground in several places throughout Asia. They recent shared this story:

Eden Ministry story on instagram


It is not the story we like hearing but it fuels our desire to see change. For Dignity does speak out as Eden suggests. We are getting the message out through blogs, social media, in everyday homes as Girl's Nights and at markets and events. We are also providing finances to charities who work to combat the human trafficking.

One of our desires is to empower you to be part of the solution in a simple and practical way of generating income for those affected.

You see these organisations on the ground, they do much in the areas of prevention, rescue and restoration. The way we link you in is by providing you with the opportunity buy their well crafted and contemporary jewellery, bags and homewares. This directly provides them income and impacts their human soul with dignity as you value their workmanship.

That's why we are for Dignity. And that's why you can chose to contribute, when you need a gift for that friend, colleague, family member. When you're seeking out new fashion accessories or another decor piece for your home, you can enjoy making difference through for Dignity.

So I invite you to join the ranks, starting with making simple everyday choices.



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