Small business and ethical shopping

Working Together

In the world of small business, the road can be tough. When you add a social mission with it's mountain of need either human or environmental that you are working to make a difference in, the terrain becomes more challenging.

Connecting to another small business who is walking the same track is always a delight on so many levels. You know what I mean, whether it's on a sporting field, parenting networks or a health support group, mutual encouragement and understanding fuels the energy to keep on going.

So when I had the opportunity to chat to Alison from Aquamarine Home it was great. We chatted about fair trade, the perception of it being a little "daggy" and what we are both doing to change that so more people get treated with dignity and paid a fair wage.

Daggy or not, it's a great tribe to belong to and this is your invitation to get to know us and join something bigger and greater than just one person. 


Thank you Alison, it's great to find a kindred spirit!