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The Chill is Here

The Chill is Here

As the outside temperatures drop low, the comfort of a winter clothing keeps us going. I love the feel of a soft, warm scarf around my neck so I want to share with you some of the story behind our range of wool + cotton and cotton scarves.

Warp, wefts and heddles are not words we use everyday, unless you know the ancient craft of handloom weaving. Then you would understand the intricate process that is undertaken to prepare a loom to make a piece of cloth. Planning the pattern, selecting the threads and even winding portions onto spools starts the process.



The loom preparation includes taking each individual thread that makes up the length of the cloth, (thats the warp), and placing it through individual heddles. It's like threading a needle thousands of time over. In fact the weaving part takes only a small portion of the times and once the cloth is finished, each tassel is hand twisted to finish the scarf.



 Each Freeset scarf we sell has been carefully handloom woven. It is a craft that has existed in India for generations and now provides a dignified occupation for women who were once vulnerable to trafficking and abuse.

For Dignity's winter range of these beautiful fair-trade scarves has been carefully selected for you to wrap yourself in and keep cozy.

So keep warm this winter and keep looking good, feeling good and doing good.



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