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Scented Soy Candle - Small

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 Riau Candle company produces sensuous soy wax candles that are all hand poured in small batches on the tropical island of Riau.

Enjoy the extravagance of essential oil fragrances mixed to create a wonderful aroma and a long lasting experience with slow burning cotton wicks. Introducing a new fragrance just for our musk lovers - Amber and Ash!

You have a generous selection of essential oil fragrances to choose from.

Light, fresh and citrus: Choose the classical scents of Sandalwood & Citrus or Lemongrass Tea. Or enjoy the clean and refreshing combination of Eucalyptus & Mint

Floral: Wild Rose or Mountain Rain which is a little lighter and fresher.

Spicy and Perfect for Christmas: Vanilla & Spice or our 2019 new fragrance Brown Sugar and Fig.

Musky: If you are looking for those rich, sensuous room moods, Amber & Ash is the choice for you.

Poured into in beautiful frosted glass canisters with natural timber lids.

Recycle: Return the empty canisters to us when you have finished and we will give you 10% off your next candle purchase.

Product care information and warnings

Fighting human trafficking     Handcrafted     Eco friendly product

Size Small: 30 hour burn time

Materials Soy wax. Lead and zinc free cotton wicks

The purchase of these candles assists the economical empowerment of women on the Riau Islands of Indonesia: A place of poverty and a route of human trafficking to other nations. Riau candle company applies the principles of fair trade in their local cafe and candle company.