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Facing this pandemic with courage and resilience many of our Freedom Business partners have started creating freedom face masks to sell along with their regular products. In doing so, some have not only been able to keep on their staff, but offer employment to others that have become unemployed.

What champions!

Why do we call the Freedom Masks? Simply because that it what they give.

80% of previously trafficked people once they lose their job, are re trafficked.

So now you have the opportunity to continue contributing to this work; buying and using our freedom masks. There are three style available for pre order on our
website right now. Dates for anticipated dispatch are also listed as we are encountering unprecedented demand! The great news is that more are being made all the time from our three enterprises and they are so glad to have the financial empowerment.


"My wife bought me this beanie as I was always complaining about being cold. Now I hardly ever take it off and find that I'm feeling so much warmer all the time. The charcoal color looks really good and works well with everything. Such a great purchase!" A Warmer Andy