For Dignity

For Dignity is the innovative social enterprise that is behind this website. We work in collaboration with organisations preventing, rescuing and restoring people from human trafficking, supporting them by promoting and retailing their products, sharing their stories and raising awareness about human trafficking.

The sale of the product offer a life-giving source of income for those affected by human trafficking and provide funding towards the prevention, restoration and holistic care programs the organisations offer the individuals and communities with which they work.

The profits from the business are invested into business development along with initiatives that are tackling human trafficking from other angles like in the work of International Justice Mission.

As the world’s fastest growing global crime, human trafficking treats people as commodities, tricked into transactions for their livelihoods, their humanity brushed aside for the dollar value. But people are not products, they have names, families, stories and dreams and they should have dignity. 

In mid 2015 the concept of for Dignity was birthed as our founder, Heather started researching business models, networking with organisations and piloting online retail by starting a small Esty store of her own hand crafted jewellery. Within twelve months  she had developed a team of volunteers and collaborated with five different organisations (producers) across Asia. By October 2016, for Dignity was officially launched as an online boutique featuring quality fashion jewellery, bags, homewares and accessories. 

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