Since 2001 Freeset has employed women on the basis of their need for freedom. Providing alternative work enables the women to start new lives, regain dignity and receive training. Freeset pay living wages, provide health care, child care and savings plans. As a business they seek to create a workplace that facilitates healing and wholeness, leadership and empowerment for the women they employ. They currently employ over 200 women. 

The World Fair Trade Organisation awarded Freeset Bags and Apparel Fair Trade Guaranteed status in April 2016 endorsing their current fair trade practises and their commitment to continually improve. 

Freeset range is high quality and eco friendly. They ensure the standards of workmanship are kept high and seek the highest quality raw materials including products made of 100% organic cotton. They also use laminated jute; jute is a natural fibre grown in India which is backed by a biodegradable plastic to help the bags hold their shape and improve durability. 


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Caring for your Freeset jute bag

Freeset recommended that you clean your jute bag by light sponging to remove any dirt. The inside laminate can be cleaned using a cloth and detergent.

Do not machine wash

Do not tumble dry

Keep both jute and cotton bags away from naked flame or heat. FLAMMABLE.