Eco Max

Gardener's Brush


We are delighted to support all of you connecting to nature through growing your own vegetables and flowers through developing a new line of some great gardening products. 

Perfect for hanging over your garden tap to clean your hands after digging in the garden. Or in the kitchen to clean the freshly picked vegetables. If you don't peel your carrots and potatoes, this is ideal to scrub the surface before cooking to help remove any grime, surface chemicals and germs.

Handmade from natural unbleached coconut fibre, a sustainable vegetable fibre sourced from the husk of the mature coconut. Coconut fibre is a natural anti-bacterial so won’t become smelly or mouldy. Chemical free and long lasting, Eco Max brushes have no micro plastics so will not pollute our waterways. 

Care of your brush: Rinse with mild soapy water and hang in the sun to dry. Hang to store.

Ethically hand made in Sri Lanka by Eco Max. They are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and 100% natural vegetable fibres.

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