Not just another leather product...

In India there is a family business that specialises in the surplus leather market, which means they are able to repurpose the leather that giant fashion companies have over ordered and prevent it from entering landfill. JOYN works with this business so that all their leather is sourced as repurposed leather. 

That means JOYN is kept from adding to the waste and unethical practices plaguing the leather industry, whilst still sourcing high grade, high quality leather. Now that is a step forward for sustainable fashion!

In New Delhi..

A Business woman using ethical practises to crafted repurposed leather goods for JOYNThere is a passionate business woman, Suneli, who shares the mission and values of JOYN, and a partnership has been formed.  Suneli works in the heart of a slum community, providing opportunities to those who wouldn't otherwise have access to learning the valuable trade of crafting leather. She and her team are JOYN's exclusive leather manufacturing cooperative.

JOYN's designer leather goods range is made with skill and quality. Each item features hand made cotton as lining or pockets internally. Many hands and hours have gone into making each bag and wallet. Using hands rather than electrically powered machines and sustaining generations of craftsmanship means both the people and the planet benefits.


All content used with permission from JOYN.