Get involved in the story...

Do you love a good story? A movie or a novel that makes a human connection that stirs up empathy or expression of things we have felt or experienced. I often turn to literature to enjoy good stories. But it's not the only place they can be discovered. Here at for Dignity we know that each product has a story and we are excited to share them with you. 

So we have created a special package, an engaging video of our story and the stories of a selection of the people who create our products. You get to encounter people who's lives have changed and see what is involved in them creating the products. Some of the production techniques are ancient crafts not easily seen in Australia that fast fashion is threatening. You will also get a small sample of the products so you can see firsthand the workmanship and quality of product. Then you can make you own connection! 

Good stories are worth sharing, so don't do it alone. Get a group of friends together to join you and add you own touches of food and drinks. Have fun, conversations and share the story.

We invite you to consider being involved in this way. Here are some of the ways others have share the story:

Friday night pre dinner drinks and nibbles with friends.

Womens's groups gathering pre Christmas with a workshop on sustainable gift wrapping.

A girls' night in with close friend and family, food and load of laughter and conversation.

In the office lunch hour gathering for your staff. One company had a fundraiser for a charity and we donated 10% of the sales to the same charity. It was a great event, with food, raffles and games, and of course an opportunity to get the Christmas shopping done during office hours!

There are mum's groups, play groups, sports clubs, school events, birthday parties, house warmings, church communities and so many more. It can be the time, place and date of your choosing.

We are calling them Together for Dignity Events. Interested?