Our value of sustainability

'Ethical' and 'eco-friendly' are growing in popularity and so is the practice of using these words in marketing but sadly they may not really be changing the core of the business' practice. The term 'green washing' describes this practice and well it makes us turn green 🤢  or red 😡  or a little of both.

We are here to let you know to us being ethical and eco friendly does matter, it matters a lot! It is at our very core. Sustaining the planet, sustaining people's communities and operating sustainably in business are things we value.

Core value of sustainability at For Dignity infographic
How do these value impact our day to day operations here in Australia and with our producers?
Here are just a few examples:

🌴  Many of our fashion and homeware items that are made from new raw materials, the materials are responsibly sourced and natural ( and definitely not plastic) like soy wax, jute, coconut, bamboo, cotton and wool. 

♻️  We stock beautiful products made from repurposed and recycled materials like leather, fabric and metals. Our for Dignity brand uses recycled paper for all our printed materials and even our branded round sticky labels are compostable! We are currently working on the package labelling with Better Packing Co to have compostable delivery labels too.

🤲🏼  Our producers use hand crafting techniques like hand spinning cotton, block printing with non toxic dyes, hand stitching, hand made pottery, hand poured candles, hand knotting and hand woven basket. Why is this more sustainable? It uses less energy resources and supports the craftsmanship that has sustained communities for generations.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  Our producers are paid liveable wages, work in fair and safe environments and have their communities supported through various community programs. This is the backbone of our business, the women, the families and the community come first. We just don't understand eco friendly products that take advantage of people to be produced, it's one of those other things that turn us 🤢  or 😡 .

These are just a few of our sustainable values and practices. It is an area we continue to develop as we learn and understand more. We are far from experts, but we are working on walking the talk.

If you would like to know more about our sustainable values, here's a blog about it.