Together For Dignity Event - Host Information

You would like to do a little bit more?

Get ready to spend some time with the people you love, enjoy good food and drinks, and have a meaningful time together.

enjoying friend,food and drink at an event | For Dignity

We are excited to offer you a Together for Dignity package so you can host an event. 

In this special package there is a tailored 25 minute video that engages you and your guests in our story and the stories of a selection of the creators of our products. Inspiring and empowering you to be a change maker in the combat against modern slavery and human trafficking. 

Together you get to encounter people whose lives have changed and see what is involved in them crafting the products. The video highlights ancient artisan techniques rarely seen in Australia and that fast fashion is threatening to destroy.

We hand pick a selection of our range for you to display. It enables you all to see firsthand the workmanship and quality.

Take the opportunity to contribute more to stopping human trafficking and slavery and explore sustainable lifestyles and ethical consumerism with us. 

Selection of ethical products for our events | For Dignity

Where to start...

1. Decide on your event style. It can be with five besties or a huge crowd, whatever you want…

Here’s some ideas of what others have done:


One company had a fundraiser for a charity and we donated 10% of the sales to the same charity. It was a great event, with food, raffles and games, and of course an opportunity to get the Christmas shopping done during office hours!

    You could do one at your mum's group, play group, sports club, school, art and craft group, birthday party, house warming or church community. 

    Write invitations to friends and family | Together For Dignity Event

    2. Set a date, venue and invitation list. From our perspective, the venue will require some basic equipment: technology to screen a DVD or file from a USB and a display table.

    3. Give us a heads up of your booking. We have electronic invites you can use if you wish.

    If you have a large number attending (over 10 adults) we will arrange for one of our advocate volunteers to join you and help run the event. Our advocates have hosted their own event and now volunteer to support at the Together for Dignity events of others. Therefore we need to find a suitable date and time for both of you.  ( At this stage advocates are available in Melbourne only. )

    4. Get out invites and start catering arrangements.

    5. Ten days prior confirm with us the details and make the arrangements for your package to get to you. This does involve a simple contract between us. You are not responsible for any delivery costs.

    6. Have your event, enjoy the time and give yourself a big pat on the back for putting in the effort!

    7. Receive any orders made at the time and distribute them.

    Spread the table with food that delights you at our Together For Dignity Events

    Why do we do it? 

    We want to inspire and empower you to be a change maker in the combat against modern slavery and human trafficking. The video you show creates an awareness for people about modern slavery, human trafficking and their consumer choices. It has stories, facts and tools to help you make shopping decisions.

    Although the topic of modern slavery and trafficking can be a heavy issue and some of the discussion has some low level adult content ( children are not recommended to be involved ), we strive to communicate it in a positive and motivating way towards change. 

    Sustainable fashion, combat trafficking, handcrafted and fair trade range at For Dignity

    The selection of products is there to encourage people to purchase, so that our work of supporting change can grow and provides life giving income to those affected by trafficking. Do not worry, we do not push people hard to make a purchase as that is contrary to our value of sustainable consumerism!

    Now that participants know us better we encourage them to join our tribe by visiting the website and subscribing, following us on Instagram or Facebook and even posting photos of themselves at the event with the #fordignityau, helping us continue to share stories and grow. We also give the opportunity for people to book their own event.

     Together For Dignity and Ethical Shopping Guide

     What is in the package?

    Other Frequent Questions and Answers

     Do you find evenings or day events work best? 

    The event is really shaped by what you want it to be, so it can be any time of the day depending on the group of people you would like to invite.

    People together in the sunshine laughing

    How many people can I invite? 

    We suggest a minimum of 5 guests apart from yourself, it gives a good atmosphere. Our experience is  generally only 50% of people invited will get there so that you will need to invite double the number that you want to attend.

    If you want a larger group, with at least 10 adults confirmed attending, we will help you out by arranging a for Dignity advocate to join you. As mentioned, our advocates have hosted their own event and now volunteer to support at the Together for Dignity events of others. 

    How much space do you need for the display?

    The products can be displayed on one coffee table. Ideally the table is somewhere in close proximity to the TV where you show the video. At one event a large toy crate covered with a board and cloth was used, so use whatever works!

    For larger numbers we would bring a larger selection which the advocate would arrange on a trestle or dining table for you.

    Clocks and time

     How long does event take? 

     A standard event usually needs 90 minutes

    This would include: 

     It also allows time for late comers and have a little bit of time afterwards to chat more. 

    You may want to combine it with something else, for example a birthday celebration, a craft workshop or the activity you usually do together, in which case more time would be recommended.

    Have a together for Dignity birthday celebration with food and festivities

    Can it also be a fundraiser?

    Yes definitely. We have a number of charities, including those associated with the brands, IJM and Stop the Traffik that we are willing to donate a percentage of the sales income. You can add other fund raising activities to increase the impact.

    Other charities would only be by agreement.

    Can it be an advocacy movie night?

    Yes if it is related to either human trafficking or modern slavery. We know there are documentaries that present these concepts in a vivid and compelling way such as “The True Cost” regarding modern slavery in the fashion industry or Nefarious: The sex industry and human trafficking and exploitation.

    To register your interest, more information or questions, contact us.