What We Do

We empower you to help stop human trafficking and slavery.

We do this by working in collaboration with organisations preventing, rescuing and restoring people from human trafficking and exploitation.

The 30 second version is that we purchase their products for our boutique which provides income generation for the producers and financial support for the programs of the organisations and others. 

The 4 minute version is that we do much more than that...

We carefully select our producers

The organisations selected are based on a criteria. We continue to build a meaningful partnership with them. They are much more than just our suppliers.

We seek out design and quality.

We have designers on our team that are creating new ideas, keeping on top of trending fashion (in the world of fast fashion that can be demanding) and guiding our product development and selection.

We are working in the background with smaller organisations to help them develop products we can sell for them and empower them with new markets to increase their resources.

We are making sure the products we sell are quality. With an Australian Standards assessment and quality control in place and open customer feedback, we make sure you are satisfied and our producers develop standards that improves their brands. 

We make the link.

We want to highlight our producers. We celebrate their triumphs and see them not as mere victims but strong women and men who have been brave enough to find an way out of a difficult situations and change the trajectory of their lives. We are continually inspired by the passionate and transformative efforts they make. 

Each bag, piece of jewellery or homeware represents many of their lives and stories. We keep a link by sharing their stories, photographs and sometimes even signatures.  You are one of a kind and so are they, together we can celebrate our value.  

We are part of the movement fighting human trafficking.

We are making Australians aware of the issue of human trafficking through social media, blogging, pop ups and collaborating with like minded Australian organisations. 

We make donations to other organisations (International Justice Mission, Hagar and Destiny Rescue)  working in this field so that we can help reach more people with freedom. 

In 2018 we are so excited to be rolling out our new ambassador program and girl's nights. Standing tall together we can help stop human trafficking. 

We invite you to become part of our for Dignity story and start helping the prevention, rescue and restoration of people from human trafficking.

This all means that... 

We give you have an easy way to contribute through something as enjoyable as shopping.


You are welcome to get in contact with us by email; heather@fordignity.com.au