Sterling silver ball and link chain and sterling silver 1 cm round pendant engraved in flowing script "love". Necklace 45 cm + 2.5 cm in length.
Courageous Heart Necklace- Silver
Made by Eden

Courageous Heart Necklace- Silver

$39.99 AUD

Tiffany necklaces are perfect with almost any outfit, and the delicate heart and engraved pendant are a classic you will love. Inspired by the story of a courageous woman in Myanmar who escaped from trafficking, this necklace is a tribute to her and many other courageous women.

Fighting human trafficking

This is her story:  “Within the space of four years I lost my identity, lost my daughter, lost my dignity and lost my freedom and was put in prison like a common criminal. I am just one; there are thousands and thousands of my Myanmar sisters who are still being exploited. I am speaking on their behalf. Please, when you have the opportunity, help bring my Myanmar sisters home. Fight for the rights of trafficking victims, for their freedom and dignity.”

Size/Description: Sterling silver ball and link chain and sterling silver pendant engraved with 'Love'. 45 cm + 2.5 cm in length. Round pendant 1cm diameter. Also available in 18k plated gold.


Eden seeks out the trafficked and exploited of Asia’s red light districts. Given safe shelter there, women and their children begin restoration through Eden’s programs. This piece of jewellery was crafted by a woman in Eden with such a story.

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