Cotton Placemat Twin Set- Cherry Delight


Welcome to our 2019 spring range of placemats. The ideal gift for a thoughtful giver, filled with love, uniqueness and story.

Table settings come alive with one of a kind cotton placemats. Show your taste in eco friendly home decor whilst empowering women to pursue freedom from exploitation. The topic will make for an interesting dinner conversation.

These placemats are double sided, featuring a different sari print on each side that are complimentary. There are two placemats in the set.

It takes hours of careful hand stitching in even and straight rows to create this beautiful piece of work. This ancient craft of kantha stitching has meant many sari's have been repurposed over the generations rather than end up in landfill.

We think Basha's workmanship is some of the best from its region!

Fighting human trafficking, Handcrafted, Eco-friendly

Dimensions: 44cm x 33cm

Colour and Pattern: Because we know that you may like to know the details about each table setting, we have made an effort to capture  the colours and patterns in each. The fabric is recycled cotton so it is very soft and will have the endearing signs of some fading. In areas of thinning cotton, the tradition is to carefully sew a  patch from the same sari over this portion and the placemat may feature this workmanship.

As they are made from different sections of the overall sari, each mat has its own make up of the patterns making it perfectly unique but complimentary to the others in the set!  So if you would prefer to see more photos of a specific set, please contact us, we would be happy to supply you with them.


Washing advice: These cotton placemats can be machine washed on a gentle, cold cycle. The close stitching help maintain the shape of the cloth. To extend their life, we suggest you limit the number of washes and spot clean. The saris are washed before they are sewn and are washed again before shipping. They arrive soft, clean and beautiful.

This set of placemats has been kantha stitched by a Bengali woman who has now been restored from a high risk situation.   After twelve months of support and training she now has  safe work place which also provides supportive care for her family. Read more about Basha.