Little Paper Light

"Live Purposefully" Inspiration Card Set

$16.50 $0.00

These are the ideal Kris Kringle and stocking filler gifts.  Carefully selected short quotes to inspire in beautifully designed fonts printed on quality card ready to be displayed on a desk, a side table or on a shelf. 

This is a collection of quotes from Thomas A Edison, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and many more is sure to inspire and encourage. Designed in a handwritten script in lime, pink and greys.

Melbourne designer Little Paper Light, creates beautiful stationary in an effort to raise funding for the development programs of TEAR Australia. Not only do we love her quality work but we are joining her effort by adding another $1.00 to the donations to TEAR Australia.

Hand crafted, Eco Friendly and helping stop slavery and trafficking

Read more about the impact of TEAR Australia here.

All designs are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Bamboo stand included with calendar.