Live simply and keep life simple 3 hack by Amy Leong. Image source Canva pro

Three simple hacks for living simply

Hi it's Amy here,

Like most of the world, 2020 really turned my life upside down. Being in a city with one of the harshest lockdowns in the western world, life became much simpler and took a slower pace.  

Now that things have opened up again, well until today but that's another story, I've noticed how easy it can be to fill our lives with "stuff" and activities which can lead to an elevated sense of anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

So here's a few hacks I've learnt to keep life simple and live simply:

1. Establish your priorities ✅  ✅  ✅

What are the top five things that you value most in life? For me it is family, justice, freedom, health and rest. Once you know what your values are then it's easy to know what to say yes to and what to say no to. Make a commitment to prioritise the things that will align your life to those values.

2. Quality over quantity  

A confession here, 😬  I used to be a frequent visitor at warehouse sales and would buy many pieces of clothing for reduced prices but they would soon wear out or (shamefully) I wouldn't even wear them because I bought it because it was cheap not because I really loved it. Instead, I'm more mindful of my purchases now and choose quality over quantity.

3. Attitude of gratitude🙏 

When we choose to put on an attitude of gratitude at the start of each day, we have a greater capacity to see how we can help others rather than focusing on the things we lack.

I hope these will give you some food for thought for how you can live simply this year.



Amy Leong, life and Holistic wellness coach
Amy Leong is part of our communications team. Most days she works as a lawyer and also is a life & holistic wellness coach.