What did we achieve in 2021?

By Heather Rayside on Jan 17, 2022

"Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world", is what Desmond Tutu is quoted to have said.  As I wrap up another year I get the opportuni...

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Discover the heart behind the little shop helping stop human trafficking

By Heather Rayside on Jul 30, 2021

Today is the 30th of July; International Day for Trafficked Persons and a chance to bring to the light just a little one of the world's fastest-growing crimes. Along with a beautiful way any Australian can be part of the fight against it. We take you behind the story and ask Heather why she started for Dignity in a short video.

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Going Plastic-Free and Giving Freedom.

By Heather Rayside on Jul 08, 2021

It's Plastic Free July and we are have made a real time video trial of two kitchen products, one plastic free, the other not to discover which one is better. Get inspired to reduce your use of single use and limited use plastics this month and discover a few more benefits along the way!

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Tips on styling your Dinadi winter scarf

By Amy Leong on Jun 24, 2021

❄️  Feeling the chill? ❄️   We have some great tips on how to get the most out of your winter scarf: 3 style, 3 outfits, 3 outings. Slow fashion at it's best! Here are the top three occasions and ways of we...

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Empowering women includes empowering mums

By Heather Rayside on Apr 12, 2021

Curious to know what makes the founder, Heather tick when it comes to topics like being a mum? This honest, empowering short blog will warm you heart and encourage you to keep going. It's all about empowering women in one of their roles: mothering.

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Women of Influence

By Amy Leong on Mar 06, 2021

Discover who is behind the brand of Basha. A truely remarkable lady who had #womenled this brand from the beginning. International Women's day could not go past without mentioning her.

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Three simple hacks for living simply

By Amy Leong on Feb 12, 2021

We are all writing as we go what the 'new normal' is. What an opportunity to write a better narrative for your life. Taking the lessons you have learned into 2021 and to make it a more valuable life. Amy shares with us three hacks she has learnt in the pursuit of living simply that could be your game changers.

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So what happened in Northern India?

By Heather Rayside on Jan 29, 2021

Factories in India experienced the reality of western brands cancelling product orders or demanding less cost for the work done as a result of the pandemic. This escalated vulnerability, poverty and suffering of the Indian people. Yet our ethical supplier of quality fashion and leather bags, Joyn has a different story to tell.

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Great Ethical Gift Ideas for Christmas

By Heather Rayside on Dec 07, 2020

Wow this is our last week before our delivery elves say they may not get gifts delivered before Christmas! It's earlier than usual this year thanks to it being 2020 and all. So to help you get your list fill...

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Workplace Transformation

By Heather Rayside on Sep 12, 2020

So what has your work space become like? Is it a kitchen bench, a room shared with active kids where you wonder if work is the right title for what you are doing or an environment where masks hide your coworkers smiles?

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Basha's voice for dignity

By Heather Rayside on Aug 10, 2020

I am thrilled to be able to announce the first of our series A Voice for Dignity! After many months of dreaming and work, you can now hear directly from the founders and women behind your products! Today we highlight the team in Bangladesh, Basha. So many of you have their blankets, cushions, throws and table mats adorning your homes.

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Behind Our Most Popular Product

By Heather Rayside on Aug 03, 2020

So it's not a surprise that our hand stitched super soft and snuggly blankets are one of for Dignity's best sellers. Even before winter and COVID, these blankets were a favourite. They go on picnics and camping adventures. They adorn living rooms and bedrooms all through the year.

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