Plastic free brushes by Eco Max available at for Dignity

Going Plastic-Free and Giving Freedom.

It is plastic free July, a month to take up the challenge to change one, two or three routines that rely on single use or limited use plastic, to a plastic free routine.

Here is what has happened in our household when I trialed an Eco Max pot scrubber  against a supermarket pot scrubber (my previous go to):

To start with the brushes are made with natural organic vegetable fibres, fair trade, vegan and plastic-free. But I discovered the plastic free scrubber had quite a few other benefits too! 

Eco Max has integrated this product and environment goodness into a company that empowers the more vulnerable of our world with employment, payment of liveable wages, safe and clean working conditions and providing family support services.

Making the eco max, plastic free brushes

That, my friends, is not necessarily a feature of other environmentally sustainable products and the reason we are so excited to not only use them ourselves but make them available for you to use too.