Special Offers; the why and all those other details

At For Dignity, we are all about valuing people and the planet. So our for Dignity family and our makers are super important, and we think you are pretty awesome too.

Our makers depend on their products being sold for their livelihoods, living in countries where manufacturing is essential to the economy. But, unlike other manufacturing businesses, our makers are given a liveable wage and work in safe workplaces.

But we are not big fans of overconsumption for the planet's sake, so while we promote buying these lovely items, we've decided not to slash prices and run sales often to entice you to over-consume. We are, instead, helping you make meaningful and measured purchasing choices, along with all the goodness of supporting our purpose of ending exploitation.

So here are the ways we offer something special and on what terms and conditions.

Fifty for fifty - Tag Us to Win

So many of our For Dignity family are our friends on social media. We are so much more than a retail business, and building up our community and sharing comments, photos, and videos is a great way to support and inspire each other. We LOVE seeing our social media friends post about their For Dignity products, see them unbox their packages, and share their love and stories with family and friends.

It's an excellent way to spread the word without spending as much on expensive advertising. Of course, ultimately, more goes towards our donations to freedom-giving charities.

Every time you share/tag or review a product, you'll get on our thank you list, and when it gets to 50 thank you's, we **draw a name and give $50 in-store credit to spend within three months to the lucky winner. In addition, sometimes we have special giveaways to share/tag; this runs separately and will not be included in our 50 for 50.

How to enter:

  • Tag* us in your posts, stories and reels @fordignityau 
  • Or write a review on our Facebook page or Google or our website 
  • Be over the age of 18
  • Live in Australia or New Zealand
  • Comply with the 'other terms and conditions below
The winners are notified by one or more of these channels; email, DM, social media posts, or stories.

Every tagging and review is an entry; you can do it as often as you like.

It's that easy!

* Your profile must be public to see your post when you tag us. So you can always #fordignityau, which will place it in a public hashtag on Instagram instead. Or you can send us the photo by email.

We will always reach out to you to get your permission to use your image if it is not on a public profile.  

Extra giveaways, offers and competitions

Occasionally, we have fun offering you other opportunities like entering a giveaway competition, free shipping or special discount codes. The terms of entry in the event's announcement are how to join, the prize/offer, and the date the competition ends. I've included the remaining terms below.

These events run separately from our 50 for 50 - Tag Us to Win, and entrants in Tag a Friend Giveaways are not entered into the 50 for 50 - Tag Us to Win when involved in the extra event.

Other terms and conditions

Okay, so we don't want to get all complicated here, but we know it is essential to be transparent, fair and communicative, so here goes.

To enter any of our offers/giveaways/draws/competitions, you agree to these terms and conditions:

  • You are over the age of 18
  • Live in Australia or New Zealand
  • You accept that For Dignity reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition due to unforeseen circumstances. We will notify entrants of these changes.
  • After the closing date, no further entries are included.
  • The prize/in-store credit is stated, and other alternatives will not be offered. They are not transferrable.
  • The winners are notified by one or more of these channels; email, DM, social media posts, or stories.
  • The winner must claim and use the in-store credit within the stated time frame. After which, the credit becomes nil and void.

** The draw is done by matching the place number of the list to the number generated by Google's random number generator. Place number is given as entrants are identified, usually in chronological order. The decision of the independent random number generator is final. Each winning entrant is checked that they comply with the entry conditions outlined. If they do not, another number is drawn.

Updated April 2023

Our monthly $100 giveaway has been replaced with other giveaways and special offers.