Eden women enjoying on the beach their lives after being rescued and restored

Eden is a not for profit organisation bringing transformation to women caught in sexual slavery and forced marriage within Asia including Myanmar through their values of REACH, RESCUE and RESTORE.


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 Eden actively reach out to vulnerable women and youth, establish friendships with them to firstly let them know that they carry value and potential and secondly, to provide them with a plan and tools to leave their captivity (ensuring them that their taxi fare will be paid when they arrive at an Eden Outreach centre). 

The Outreach centre provides safe housing in a  clean and loving environment with three meals a day.

A woman begins her journey of restoration that includes counselling, creative therapy, vocational training and more. With Eden’s strong ties with anti-trafficking police, government agencies and other non-profit organisations in the locations that they are based, they are equipped to provide holistic care to the women who come to their doors.


Eden's dream boardOne of the first steps in the healing process for each survivor is paint a canvas in their  art therapy sessions that represents their dreams for the future. This canvas goes onto Eden’s Dream Wall that serves as a reminder of their journey from despair to hope. The women are taught skills in jewellery making which not only provides employment but also empowers them to see the value and potential they carry.


Each piece of Eden jewellery is made by one of these remarkable women and gives them meaningful employment that will move them closer to achieving their dreams for a better life and future. When you purchase a piece of Eden jewellery, you are partnering with Eden to bring hope and dignity.

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