Basha opened its doors in Bangladesh on 1 May 2011. That day fourteen women joined Basha’s Dhaka office ready to begin a new life. What is amazing is that by 2017, Basha had grown to include five production sites, employing well over 100 women in just 6 years!

They offer the women a safe and caring work environment, pay a liable wage, establish a savings program, and provide training and life skills development. They are committed to the ten fair trade principles and are a member of ECOTA, a local fair trade certifier in Bangladesh. While the women work, their children are being cared for, educated, and given opportunities they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

More information of their values and practices are available here 

Through Basha's charitable arm, Friends of Basha, they also have a training
programme, a drop in centre, medical care, counselling and life skill training for these women, a home for young girls, and are continuing to develop programmes to help women and children escape exploitation.

Today, driven by the needs of the many thousands of women in Bangladesh who are forced into lives they are deeply ashamed of, Basha passionately continues to create alternative opportunities one job at a time – through sales of our life-giving, one-of-a-kind products. Its founder, Robin, says the most powerful impact for her was watching the sharp pain from abuse and trauma being replaced with hope and peace on the women's faces.

Watch what is involved in created their home decor product  with ancient artisan methods.

Basha continues to grow and with the passion to create alternative opportunities for the women at risk and survivors of trafficking, they do it by carefully creating unique products. 



From Our Community

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I love everything about this throw!


I stumbled across Basha while on an overseas site and then searched to find where I could purchase these beautiful throws in Australia. So thank you, For Dignity, for bringing them here to Aussie buyers. I travelled to India and briefly Bangladesh in 1980 and fell in love with the beautiful fabrics being worn by the people...and which I could purchase in the markets. Some treasured fabrics I still have - but most I have sewn years ago. This throw is so very lovely. It is soft and snuggly like a big warm hug. It is so stunningly sewn, what a great job of keeping those stitches even and well spaced! It has gorgeous colours with each side a different hue to feast my eyes on...I love it and will treasure it all my days and pass it on to my daughter or grand daughter no doubt. Thank You for all you are doing to help the women find a new life of freedom x x God bless you all

The perfect weight


Received the beautiful throw today and I love it. I have other Kantha quilts but this is just lovely. I work night shifts and I find if I sleep under anything else, I overheat and wake up feeling dreadful. This is perfect for summer and for winter extra warmth.