"Creating opportunities that empower, not exploit"

Dinadi is a social business focussed on creating ethical employment opportunities in Nepal; creating a community in which each employee is treated with dignity and respect.

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Slow fashion knitted product by Dinadi, available at For DignityStarted in 2016, Dinadi is a business which is committed to social transformation, transparency and slow fashion. Their employees receive a living wage, plus an additional 25% for children's education. They are supported by a full time social worker, training and health insurance. They also facilitate their staff saving for retirement and the company’s profits are shared amongst all the employees!

Ethical blue wool scarf by Dinadi, available from For Dignity | AustraliaEach product is 100% crafted by hand in a minimalistic and timeless design emphasising their commitment to slow fashion. The products are created from the softest and finest merino wool, cashmere and yak fibres. Packed in beautiful paper boxes each scarf, mittens or hat includes an extra sample of wool for any mishaps. Read more about their commitment to sustainable fashion.

Each knitter has the freedom and flexibility to work from home to fit their individual needs and each product has the signature of its creator. You can match their photo from our site and read their story here.


Nepal is a country rich in hospitality and culture. But it is also one of the poorest countries in Asia with 25% of people living below the poverty line and a 46% unemployment rate.  Girls are particularly vulnerable to low education rates and the sinister risk of trafficking and exploitation. 

Sadly there are 12,000 (est.) girls trafficked into slavery each year at the average age of 13 years. In India there are 2 million Nepali girls working in Indian brothels.

After learning these horrendous figures  and talking to development workers who tell stories of visiting villages where the entire population of teenage girls have been "recruited", for Dignity has been seeking out a business to collaborate with in the fight against trafficking. So we are thrilled to have Dinadi join our producer lists in 2019. And we are sure you will be too; their products are high quality, timeless and so warm!

Dinadi at for Dignity- value icons of helping stop human trafficking, sustainable and handcrafted

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