Starfish Project

"Every person is valuable regardless of their story"

Starfish Project is a quality jewellery enterprise which has provided employment for over 130 women. In their fair trade recognised workshop they create a range of semi precious and fashion jewellery in contemporary designs. In fact, after selling their jewellery to Australian women for several years now we are happy to guarantee the quality of their workmanship for 12 months given reasonable care and use of your jewellery!

Their workshops are in locations where it is difficult to operate anti-trafficking work and other organisations have had to close their operations. Starfish Project persists, actively seeking out exploited women, some as young as 12, in the sex industry and getting the message of trafficking risks out to communities. 

Starfish Project - Restoring Hope to Exploited Women - 30 Sec Commerical from Starfish Project on Vimeo.

They have a not for profit arm to their organisation where they offer safe shelter, healthcare, education and childcare to vulnerable women. Their holistic program provides support, counselling and a safe environment for the women to heal and grow.

Lives are transformed by their work. 



 When For Dignity purchases their jewellery, 100% of the finance is reinvested into programs for the women that help restore hope. These are the programs Starfish Project operate.


Starfish is making an impact and many of the women involved have gone on to become accountants, photographers, mothers, wives and business owners and live independently today.  

The purchase of their jewellery enables them to make that impact. Thank you for being part of their restoration.

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Anti trafficking, fair trade and handcrafted are for Dignity's criteria that Starfish fulfilling

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All images used with permission from Starfish Project.