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Empowering women includes empowering mums

I am the mum of two grown girls. I'll let you know upfront that I absolutely adore these two women I call my daughters. They are strong, intelligent, compassionate women making their way in the world.⁠
But let me take the lid off mothering for a moment, remove the illusion of ease and perfection and be real. Because I know that any woman who mothers is truly remarkable.
Being a mum at for Dignity
⁠  She is the woman who contains her own feelings and fatigue and patiently persists in the face of a three-year-old's tantrums and tears over something she wants but cannot have.⁠
  She is the woman who bravely holds the hand of her terrified eight-year-old as doctors attach medical machinery to her little sick body and talk in long, baffling words.⁠
She is the women who listen to the high school teacher while he outlines what shouldn't be going down in the classroom even though she knows the bigger picture.⁠
The role of a mum- For Dignity
She's the woman who sits across the cafe table from another woman and asks herself how exactly this marvellous creature came from her body, survived all those parenting blunders, and became the amazing person she is.⁠
This month in the lead up to mother's day, let's explore and celebrate all the complexities, joys and challenges of mothering another human being.⁠
I am that woman, and many of you are too.