Plastic Free Partying

Let's talk about #plasticfree partying. It's time to get creative, festive and kinder to our planet with a good dose of fun, food and laughter.

People laughing at a party, but let's try it without single use plastics

We start with the essentials of food-based festivity, cutlery, crockery and glasses. My household often makes choices around cost, convenience and wastage. Our top priority is reducing waste and avoiding single-use plastics and plastic in general if possible. So here are our options.

Buy biodegradable or bamboo crockery and cutlery. Use and discard are the big downside, but convenience is the upside.

Bamboo party supplies

Use what we have - We can usually accommodate about 30 people only, and washing up becomes a party activity, you know, for those who want to chat while they are doing something or be extra helpful.

Hire a set or borrow from a friend.

Collect your party and outdoor set. Simply adding the number of parties we have each year and the cost of getting biodegradable single-use or hiring, investing in a party set is a reasonable option.  Try secondhand shops for an eclectic range. Or there are some great bamboo and unbreakable options that can be used for travelling, picnics, poolside, and parties. Check out this small Australian business, The Outdoor Table, for coloured options. 

Eco-Friendly Party Decorations 🎉

I had a long love affair with balloons as decorations, but the more I learned about their effect on animals and the environment, the more I hunted to find ways to bring festivity and colour into a room. These are alternative

Buntings and Banners- big, small, colourful, muted, pom poms, soft fringes or flags of jute and fabric. The options are endless, and they are easy to make if you are crafty. We have a range of 'Happy Birthday' and 'Congratulations' plus some Christmas buntings.

For Dignity's Congratulations flag bunting

Lanterns, flowers and stars. Just avoid the paper made with glitter or glossy; both have plastic. Make your own or purchase them from a party shop.

Flowers and candles are classic. But don't ignore beautiful book covers, attractive vases or empty jars filled with lights that are sitting in your home.

Plastic free partying using household items to decorate tables; books ,jars, flowers

 Finally, if you want to eco decorate for a kid's party, this Australian mum of four has put together a fantastic range on her website Partyora with themed decorations, party bags and more.

Eco Friendly kids parties

 Have you got some tips on reducing waste and plastic at your parties?  Share them with us.