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Behind Our Most Popular Product

We all know that in the southern states of Australia winter can be cold. On top of this, COVID meant that we have had even more reason to make our home not only our haven but our school, office, restaurant, gym and more. 

So it's not a surprise that our hand stitched super soft and snuggly blankets are one of for Dignity's best sellers. Even before winter and COVID, these blankets were a favourite. They go on picnics and camping adventures. They adorn living rooms and bedrooms all through the year.


Eco friend and one of a kind blanket range on sale at For Dignity
I am so thrilled with my new Basha Kantha blanket! It is so soft and warm and has pride of place on my bed.  I love that Aleya's name is on the corner and I have had the opportunity to support her work with this purchase.  This has now started something and I want to buy more Kantha quilts!  
Lara June 2020

One of the best things is the story of impact behind them. This month we are going to take you on a journey, so you can get to know Basha and the amazing women-led business that create these wonderful blankets. We have a very special interview with Basha's founder that will be released soon, so keep tuned!

Lets begin with basics: Their values

Basha uses recycled material in most of their blanket range. They offer employment to some of the most vulnerable women in their community. Their operations are based on fair trade principals and they use the local artisan skills in the production of the blankets.

The facts about the Basha Blankets; Fair trade, eco friendly, hand stitched and helping stop human trafficking

 We can applaud now, for that is a major feat! 

They are based in Bangladesh across five workshops strategically positioned to be close to where women are at higher risk of trafficking. They currently have two hundred employees, primarily women, but there are a few men too. During COVID most have been able to continue their work from home, but there is also a team who goes into the streets and find the most vulnerable women, giving them food and essentials.


Basha is providing relief to the most vulnerable in their communities- For Dgnity

One of the women who received food had tears rolling down her cheeks and said, “Thank you for thinking of us. We were struggling for food. Our situation is so hard. No one came to us and asked us exactly what we needed. Nobody values us. They treat us as products. But you treat us as human beings.”

What a gift to communicate to someone that they are of value, that they have dignity. We want Basha to be able to keep up the great work. At this time they are striving to be able to continue paying their employees, whether they are well and working or sick and recovering. So as we transform our homes into havens with unique blankets, we are enabling Basha to keep providing income and security for their staff.

So where in your haven will you have one of these feel good blankets?

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