Jute mat, hand knotted and ethical home decor at for Dignity

Happy Dancing


This made us chuckle:

Instagram post happy dancing by Freeleaf

This was the Instagram post by the girls at Freeleaf when we sent them our first order, and we may have done our own little happy dance when the first shipment arrived - their products are just beautiful.  

Introducing the newest brand to our family - Freeleaf.  Freeleaf are based in Asia and were established to provide employment and care to at-risk, exploited and abused women.  Through employment at Freeleaf women are given skills, fair wages and working conditions, care in the form of shelter, medical care, counselling, life skills and development and also the support and encouragement they need to move beyond their abusive past.  

Not only are Freeleaf doing amazing work but their products are exquisite.  Beautifully woven rugs and decor, each woven from a single strand - a symbol of how every single life can be woven into something extraordinary.  

Freeleaf’s goal is to: “…help women discover their intrinsic value and give them the tools and confidence they need to stand firm and achieve their dreams.”  

 I’m struck by the universality of this goal - how many of us need help finding the freedom of knowing our value and need someone to help us have the confidence to achieve our dreams…its a journey we all need to travel, maybe we have more in common than we know?  


 So we are super excited to be standing in partnership with Freeleaf and wish for them all the very best in their work - you‘ve got this girls!   

 Thanks for the gorgeous photos of your products too Freeleaf and j_winni!