Working at Home- Tips from those who go before us

Working at Home- Tips from those who go before us

Working from home can be difficult and at the same time it can be wonderfully productive. For many this is new and new can be scary and intimidating. And that’s ok. We can all take a deep breath acknowledge the giant elephant in our home workspace and then try to find the opportunities in what at first glance appears to be an obstacle.
Here are a few tips the Starfish Project team found useful while working from home.

Tips for studying and working at home- rituals


2. Set Reasonable Goals: In the team's experience working from home in the midst of a pandemic has not proven to be the best time to complete ALL the things on our unspoken to-do lists. Let’s face it, whether it be a good day or a hard day the uncertainty of the season can be a heavy burden to carry. Be kind to yourself and set reasonable, even bite-sized goals for your day and then be surprised if have the energy and time to get done all the musts + declutter all the pens on your desk.

Set a realistic to do list- surviving covid19 working at home

Tips for studying and working at home - think outside the desk space4. Design Your Space: Since founding for Dignity, I have worked from a home office, but now there are four adults all working from our home. To try and give us all workspaces and relax spaces, I am now tucked in to a corner in our bedroom. It has all the essentials, including my much loved Cavoodle who supervises or snores throughout every work day.

Our dog supervises me in our home office

5. Take Brain Breaks: At the office brain breaks happen naturally when someone comes to chat or offers to order a round of coffee While working from home this has been something we’ve had to do for ourselves. Some on our team take a break after finishing a task, while others set alarms on their phone to remind them to take breaks multiple times a day.
Here’s a list of our top brain breaks.

Tips for studying and working at home- take breaks

 Just breathe.

Take 5 slow, deep breaths and practice gratitude by writing down 3 things you’re grateful for.

Just breathe- surviving covid19 working at home

We’d love to have more brain break ideas. We do these multiple times a day. If you have a good one please share it with us in the comment box below and we’ll try it out.


Thanks to the Starfish team, some of whom experienced the upheaval of Covid19 way back around the Chinese New Year, and still have many team members impacted by social isolation. They have given permission to share this blog (with some minor modifications) with their supporters at for Dignity.