In 2011 a new enterprise JOYN was birthed that embraced the craftsmanship skills of local artisans. Now it has flourished into eight different business units owned and managed fully by local entrepreneurs. It's motto of "reviving tradition, restoring fashion and reclaiming transparency" has enabled over 300 artisans life giving income to handcraft beautiful bags and accessories every step of the way. They partner with locally owned and managed cooperatives to keep manufacturing at a community level and encourage local leadership and personal development with marginalized and trafficked victims.

JOYN is supported by JoyCorps, the NGO also established by the founder, Melody. It seeks a long term and sustainable solution to community transformation by subsidising development programs that promote wholeness: occupational, physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social. Once the local cooperatives are profitable enough to shoulder the costs on their own these programs are solely supported by the cooperatives. 

Each bag that JOYN make is tagged with the signature of some of the hand's what worked to make it.

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