About Us

For Dignity is a small business with a big heart.

The story begins like this ...

Melbourne Christmas 2014

You know what it is like, here I was cramming in multiple end of year parties, navigating crazy shopping carparks and eating far too much wonderful food. Then hit the inevitable post Christmas slumber, New Years resolutions and because we were lucky, a family beach holiday. 

That holiday gave me the space to think and ask some questions.

Did I know what impact on people and planet my hard earned money had made giving all those gifts and purchasing all that food and decorations?

I had just returned from eight years focussed on development amongst the marginalised in Vietnam to Melbourne.  I had seen first hand the devastating effects of human exploitation and environmental abuse. I wanted to ensure our lifestyle in Australia was not contributing to the problem.

I looked around for options for gifts, fashion and decorating that fit my ethical and sustainable values. Sadly those out there ( it was 2014 in Australia after all ) were just not my style.

I wanted contemporary designs, graceful and simple, styles I could still be myself and yet empower others whilst treading lightly on the earth.

So I began the work to establish for Dignity.  Much has changed, the values of ethical shopping and eco friendly living are becoming more widespread thankfully. For Dignity is growing, learning and changing too but the things we believe in do not change.

We believe that...

Every person on this planet matters ... equally
Our planet wellbeing matters
Each choice you and I make matters
Working together matters
And in pursuing what matters, there can be a world without human trafficking and modern slavery

You can do what matters 

As we offer you beautifully crafted bags, jewellery, fashion accessories and homewares carefully curated for the eco friendly Australian lifestyle, we empower you to be a positive change maker without compromising your style, the quality of the products or the human dignity of the producer. 

So what happens when you purchase from for Dignity?

You create life-giving income and dignified work and a connection between you to the people who made your product.

You sustain the work of prevention, rescue and restoration of those affected by human trafficking and slavery.

You help create our small business profits that are used to be a voice for those exploited and grow a movement of ethical shopping. They also fund charity based initiatives that seek to end trafficking and slavery across the globe.