About us

For Dignity is a contemporary boutique of beautifully made, ethical jewellery, bags and homewares.

The history...

For Dignity started as Heather's dream in 2015 to build an innovative social enterprise to tackle human trafficking. She had just returned to Melbourne from almost eight years in Vietnam being involved development work. She had seen first hand the devastating affects of exploitation and trafficking and some effective models to change things.

After a year of researching and collaborating with organisations preventing, rescuing and restoring people from human trafficking and growing a team of dedicated volunteers, the dream started to take shape.  

By October 2016 this boutique opened, sourcing products predominately made by those affected by human trafficking. 

The impact...

Life giving income in fair work places is generated for vulnerable, exploited and trafficked people through the sale of their quality products.  Finances for programs like outreach and safe housing, counselling and education for themselves and their children is also sourced. Organisations such as Eden and Starfish Project use 100% of the funding they receive for their employees and programs.

We donate our profits to help other initiatives fighting human trafficking such as International Justice Mission.

The photographs...

We want to thank all our producers who have shared with us beautiful images of their staff working at their craft. Each picture tells a story of the care and restoration that they provide.

We also want to thank Freeleaf, Joyn, Starfish and Freeset (Liminal Apparel) for allowing us to use their high quality product shots and model shots. They are just gorgeous!

Bringing these products to Melbourne means we wanted some local flavour to our photos, so a big thank you goes to  Sarah Lynch our Melbourne photographer and the team of volunteers who modelled for us. You did a great job!

What we do.