About Us

We take beautifully crafted bags, jewellery, fashion accessories and homewares carefully curated for the Australian lifestyle and create a boutique of ethical gifts. 

Our vision is to empower you to be a positive change maker without compromising your style or the human dignity of the producer.

The beginnings...

In 2014, Heather returned from eight years focussed on development amongst the marginalised in Vietnam to her hometown, Melbourne.  Instead of returning to medical practice she decided to continue bringing change and justice in the Asian region and the concept for for Dignity was birthed.

She had seen first hand the devastating effects of exploitation and trafficking. But what had inspired her was the impact and sustainable change created by the collaboration of charity development organisations and businesses. She began researching social enterprises and then began her own collaboration with organisations she already knew from her time in Asia that were preventing, rescuing and restoring people from human trafficking. 

By October 2016 a small business was established and with the input of a skilled team of big hearted volunteers, the boutique range and a movement was launched!

Your impact is threefold.

1. From the hands of people who made the gifts to yours, a connection is created that provides life-giving income and dignified work.

2. The producer organisations use their profits to operate prevention, rescue and restoration programs.

3. For Dignity’s profits are used to grow a movement of ethical shopping and fund initiatives that seek to end trafficking and slavery across the globe.

The photographs...

We want to thank all our producers who have shared with us beautiful images of their staff working at their craft. Each picture tells a story of the care and restoration that they provide.

We also want to thank Freeleaf, Joyn, Starfish and Freeset (Liminal Apparel) for allowing us to use their high quality product shots and model shots. They are just gorgeous!

Bringing these products to Melbourne meant we wanted some local flavour to our photos, so a big thank you goes to  Sarah Lynch  and Melanie Povey our Melbourne photographers and the team of volunteers who modelled for us. You did a great job!

What we do.