Candle Care

Sox wax scented candles product care page

We love the look, fragrance and ambience of our Riau Company Candles. The essential oil fragrances are divine and last for such a long time. The soy wax and fresh cotton wick are totally natural and the frosted glass canister can be used over and over again. 

Some hints so you can enjoy the beauty of your candle for longer and keep you and your loved ones safe too.

Candle care at For Dignity, advice for burning our candles

  • Trim the wick to 6mm (the width of your pinkie finger) each time before burning
  • Keep wax pool free of debris. Using a proper gas candle lighter can help avoid those pesky burnt matches falling in the wax.
  • Burn your candle on a level heat resistant surface for no longer than 3 hours.
  • Avoid drafts, as they make the candle burn quick, cause uneven wax melting and also increase your fire risk.
  • Stop burning the candle when 15 mm of unmelted wax remains.
  • Never touch or move a hot or burning candle.
  • Never use liquid to extinguish the candle.



 Re use the frosted glass jar 

Once your candle is finished, you can order another online. But don't throw that canister away, wash it throughly so no wax remains internally. Then find a use for it... with its minimalistic style it looks great just as it is on a book shelf or with a cluster of jars.

You can get creative too; use it as a pen canister or a small pot for a succulent plant.   ( Hint: Having no drainage hole in the glass means I would avoid plants that have a high need for water and drainage.)

Given there maybe residual wax or oils in the canister after washing, we suggest you avoid repurposing it for use with food or drinking liquids.

Our offer to you and supporting a sustainable future

If you cannot find a use for the empty glass you can send it back to us. If you include your order number and shipping cost receipt we will refund your shipping costs and we will repurpose the canister ourselves. And we will applaud you for doing something that supports our environment too.

Mother, child and pet together image in our advice as to how to help keep them safe around a burning candle. Source Unsplash

We want you to stay safe so heed this WARNING


  • Burn in sight
  • Keep the candle away from things that catch fire
  • Keep away from children and pets.