What happened next

Back in my cosy hometown of Melbourne, Australia, I continued as a wife and mother but hung up my stethoscope to become a businesswoman with a mission. A mission for creating real and lasting change for good. To empower you to have a choice to use your hard-earned income for good. 

It's now 2022, and that fire to be part of the solution to human trafficking is still bright. We have become so much more than a shop offering lovely fairtrade, eco-friendly and handmade products. (Although that is undoubtedly part of what we do.)

Our more is our collaboration with freedom businesses, which offer dignified employment to survivors of exploitation. We have become part of the only international movement that uses business solutions to tackle human trafficking.

We are their voice, their means of generating life giving income and we raise awareness of the issue of exploitation. And it's together with you we can create real and lasting change for good. That, I am excited about!

So what is human trafficking, modern slavery and exploitation? We explain it here

It's never been just me.

For Dignity is what it is today because of the hard work and efforts of many wonderful people and organisations. I may have been at the helm all this time, but its the crew behind me that has done a fantastic job supporting a little start up to what it is today. Most have contributed out of the goodness of their hearts.  I am deeply thankful for each and everyone of them.

I want to acknowledge all our makers who have shared with us beautiful images of the products and their staff working at their craft. Each picture tells a story of the care and restoration that they provide.

Thank you too  Sarah Lynch  and Melanie Povey our Melbourne photographers and the team of volunteers who modelled for us. You did a great job!

And you...

There is so much to do and the more people who join us, the greater impact we all  can have. Would you like to join a passionate, friendly team of everyday people doing extraordinary things? We would love to hear from you!