Our Values

Style and story together

We have curated a range of ethical products that do not compromise your desire for style nor that of the maker's dignity. The quality workmanship of artisans represents an opportunity for you to make sustainable lifestyle choices and for the restoration of people affected by exploitation and trafficking.  
Our interior design team have carefully sought out styles for the Australian marketplace and we are constantly updating our collection with the latest colours and designs.

Inspire you and empower them

We want to make it easier for you to make ethical choices as a consumer. We know that you want to do the right thing by others and the earth but do not always have the time to shop around to find something suitable. That's why we have a range of gifts for your family, special friends, work colleagues, teachers, the boss and for those special events that people love.
And they all have an ethical story. Most of our range are from our partners who prevent, rescue and restore people from human trafficking and exploitation. But there are times like Christmas when we add a range of products that are solely fair trade sourced, just so you have a broader selection still with an ethical link.

Trustworthy Producers

We take time and effort to carefully select the producers to partner. There is a criteria we use and once they have met it, we continue to build a meaningful partnership with them. As far as we are concerned every one of them is a very valuable part of for Dignity. 
We celebrate the producers’ triumphs and see them not as mere victims but strong women and men who have been brave enough to find a way out of difficult situations and change the trajectory of their lives. We are continually inspired by the passionate and transformative efforts they make. 

 Read more about the selection criteria 

Trustworthy Products

We make sure the products we sell are quality.
With an Australian Standards assessment and quality control in place and open customer feedback, we seek to have satisfied customers. Working with our producers to reach these standards helps them develop standards which improve their brand image and reach into other western markets. 

Make human trafficking and slavery history

Ambitious yes, but we believe that we can all be part of the solution. And doing nothing is no solution at all!
We have a number of different strategies to help Australians become aware of the issue of human trafficking. From blogs and special promotions and Together For Dignity events, we tell the stories of hope and restoration, educate people around the facts and inspire them into action.
There is a movement of ethical, fair trade, sustainable and human rights driven businesses out there and we are building stronger collaborations with them. Together our voice is louder and the positive impact stronger.