Our Values

Every person on this planet matters ... equally 

We value you.

You are a big part of why we exist.You create life giving income to others and a voice for the exploited. We consider you part of the tribe and as a small business we do a happy dance each time you purchase.

We value being reliable and transparent.

We make sure the products we sell are quality. We undertake an Australian Standards assessment on each range. We encourage open customer feedback and provide an easy returns process if there is a problem. 
Issues related to exploitation of people and the planet are complex and there is still much to do. But we have made progress and we will let you know in what areas, like being eco friendly or fair trade, whilst being honest about what still has to be done, like digging deeper into the supply chain to reduce exploitation right back to the source of the raw materials.

We value our producers.

As far as we are concerned every one of them is a very valuable part of for Dignity. We celebrate their triumphs and see them not as mere victims but strong women and men who have been brave enough to find a way out of difficult situations.  We are continually inspired by the passionate and transformative efforts they make in their own lives and their communities.

Our planet wellbeing matters

For you and me, our children and grandchildren and for all the others we with which we share this earth. Let's not leave behind a legacy of plastic strewn beaches, polluted waterways, damaging carbon emission and a globe that only the rich and privileged can survive upon.

We already seek to reduce our waste, often using recycled materials in production, selecting product that can replace single use items when they wear out. We get them to you preferably with our carbon neutral delivery services and compostable packaging.

Now we are developing ways to support you in repairing your older products and recycling them at the end of their lives.

Each choice you and I make matters

We would love it if our choices only impact us. But in a globalised world, it is just not how it works. Be courageous and strong and make choices that make the world you live in more like the place you want it to be.

Working together matters

Our work is to listen to you and find designs and products suitable for the Australian way of life. So we are constantly updating our collection to offer you more and better options .
Our work is also to take the time and effort to carefully select who we collaborate with so you can be certain your choice has a positive impact. We have a criteria in our selection process and ensure our producers understand it and implement it. We welcome them into our for Dignity tribe and continue to empower them so they can provide a sustainable workplace.
Our producers work is to continue to create quality products, support and restore those who have been affected by exploitation  and be a voice in their communities.
Your work is to shop, how lovely!  But more than shop, use ethical retailers, buy sustainable products and use your voice, sharing our brand and telling the stories of our producers.

And in pursuing what matters, there can be a world without human trafficking and modern slavery.

Ambitious yes, but we believe that we can all be part of the solution. 

We are not alone in that vision. There is a movement that is growing and making headway. We work alongside some champions in this area, like International Justice Mission and Be Slavery Free.