Press and Endorsements

For Dignity is not alone in its mission to help stop human trafficking. We collaborate with communities and organisations in Australia too. Working together means working stronger.

Here are just a few...

We are members of the international organisation Freedom Business Alliance. Businesses working together to fight human trafficking or commercial exploitation through economic empowerment.

Freedom Business Alliance Member

Locally we are members of  Moral Fair Ground. They are a driving force in creating awareness and raising the profile of fair trade throughout the community, and are conscious of the business sector Australia wide.

For Dignity, a member of Moral Fair Ground


Christmas 2018 Gift Guide by Kristy


Featured in The Southern-In-Law Gift Guide

Gift guide recommendations of For Dignity Blanket

We are part of a larger tribe of businesses committed to using economic empowerment to overcome slavery and exploitation of people and the environment. In August 2018 Heather was interviewed by Alison, the founder of one such business, Aquamarine Home.